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The journey to real estate all started for Alex Plotkin 13 years ago as a hard money lender in the flipping business, and the team flipped over 1,000 homes in the Tampa Bay area. Someone who loves to know the ins and outs of how things work, Plotkin also obtained his real estate license to understand the business better. When it was clear that the flipping business was coming to a halt, Alex pivoted and started investing in rental homes.

At the same time, he and his family were relocating from Tampa to St. Petersburg and decided to rent in popular Bay Breeze Cove off 4th Street while his permanent residence was being built. Alex and his family quickly found that the townhome had everything needed to make a tenant comfortable—space, amenities, quiet, and proximity.

While renting, Alex realized that St. Petersburg’s rental market was missing the element of service—someone to help tenants settle in and feel at home. Someone to help relocators find their place in the city. A Tampa Bay area resident for over 30 years, Alex knows every inch of the Bay area from Hillsborough to Manatee County, so he set out to become that person. He dedicated himself to helping people find their temporary homes in St. Petersburg. The tenants he served relied on him long after signing a rental agreement, though, and they often asked his advice when they were ready to settle down and buy a home, so Alex put his industry knowledge to work for his tenants by helping them find the perfect home to buy.

In the several years he’s been helping his clients buy and sell homes as an individual agent, he’s quickly risen to the top 1% of all real estate agents and teams in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Manatee counties.

Alex brings tenacity, grit, and innovation to the real estate business. A Russian Jewish immigrant who landed in the suburbs of Philadelphia, he embodied the entrepreneurial spirit at an early age, selling candy, juices, and sodas at 10 and 11 years old. After obtaining his undergrad degree from Penn State, he was accepted into law school, which he quickly realized wasn’t for him. Alex and a friend packed up everything they owned and moved from Philly to Tampa with a dream of business ownership and unshakeable determination.

He and his business partner are the creators behind PhillySwirl, the frozen treat inspired by Alex’s favorite Philly delight—Italian ice. Though PhillySwirl is a household name now, the process was long, arduous, and required steadfast perseverance. More than an entrepreneur with a good idea, Alex worked day and night to become an expert in all things business—marketing, sales, service, and negotiation. He wanted to make sure he knew every aspect of the business so he could ensure its success. He methodically grew the business, and when it reached $24 million in sales, he and his partner sold it to a private equity firm.

While at the helm of PhillySwirl, Alex sat on the other side of the negotiation table from major corporate outlets like Costco, Walmart, and Sam’s Club. He made sure he was personally involved in everything from handing out samples to creating packaging to coming up with new flavors. He constantly innovated to expand his market and meet the needs of the ever-evolving public.

This is the level of dedication Alex brings to real estate. Whether renting, buying your first home, or listing your property and ready to find something new, Alex will guide you to your perfect option. Day or night, he’s here to answer your questions and walk you through. In any market, he’ll make sure you get the best deal possible because your home is one of the largest assets you’ll purchase, ever. It is your lifeline.

And after you’re settled, Alex wants to be your go-to for anything and everything you might need to make your house a home—contractors, tradespeople, lawyers, and more. His network is vast, and he’s personally vetted any person or company he recommends.

Alex is here to walk you home.

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